One Lap of the DelMarva

August 31, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – September 7, 2021 @ 8:00 pm
Boat Location:
Allsop Marina, Slip 7

***************Bumped the start date to 8/31.  This leaves your pre-Labor Day weekend open.  We should return by Friday.  Need one more crew to go , would like 2 or 3. more  Will is a maybe.  

For those going, we need to start planning and discussing a packing / sail plan / boat work list and route  – making sure the stove / oven work, water tank is clean, etc.   

Direction will be contingent on weather routing forecast for the week we push off.  Stops will depend on how much progress we are making – options are 


Posting up the event to gauge crew interest and to start planning.  Basic intent is to do one lap, counterclockwise.  Plan on one or two stops depending on the speed of travel.  The aim is to do a shakedown for longer events like A-N or A-B, test the boat and figure out a pattern for watchstanding, eating, living on this particular boat while it’s underway.  Likely stops in Cape May, maybe OC or Baltimore, playing it by ear.  

Hoping for 6 total crew for the event.  If you’re participating we’re going to have some planning to do between now and the end of August.  The discussion feature on this site is a good place to raise concerns / thoughts we can address as a group. A bump is possible if a later date makes it easier for more to attend but please let me (and everybody else) know as that requires moving around work schedules for crew, and the people they work with.  

Be at Allsop Marina, Slip 7 - Tue August 31st @ 7:00PM EDT

Crew Color Codes: Green crew is confirmed. Yellow crew need to verify with Skipper. Red does not crew for event. White crew position assignment not made yet and tally as Maybe - need to verify with Skipper.
 Name Position AssignmentAvailable Crew Comment
Jim Skipper
Americo Not Assigned
Kevin Not Assigned
Total Crew 3 = Confirmed (1) + Maybe (2) -- Maybe includes Available with no position assigned
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  1. Some discussions of circumnavigations online to start our discussion: (Note: we are 2-3 knots faster, minimum, than an Island Packet 26 on any given point of sail) (“lots of motoring in July) (that’s okay… we’ll pack the jerry cans) (detailed account from people who sail more conservatively than us) (Trawler, what?)

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